The Real Estate Regulatory and Authority (RERA) Act in March 2016 has been made in accordance to increasing complaints against the builders or promoters and the real estate agents. RERA is a government body whose sole purpose is to safeguard the interest of buyers as well as lay a path so that the promoters and the real estate agents get a chance to come up with good services. We feel that implementation of RERA across country is highly pro-consumer and pro-industry initiative and if implemented in letter and spirit, shall bring transparency and positive change in the Real Estate Industry in the country.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy relating RERA compliances.
  • Project Registration under the act, ensuring compliances.
  • Ensuring preparation and maintenance of books, accounts, documents and records as per the Act.
  • Managing fund in accordance with Section 4(2)(1)(D) Of The Act.
  • Issuing certificate of withdrawal for Specific Bank Account under RERA.
  • Drafting Brochure, Allotment Letter, Agreement to Sale and Sale Deed in accordance with the REAL ESTATE (REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT) ACT, 2016.
  • Filing Quarterly update with RERA.
  • Audit of Financials in accordance with Section 4(2)(1)(D) Of The Act and filing with the RERA.