Advancements in technology, though beneficial, have also inadvertently led in an increasing number of cyber frauds all over the world. One of the major reasons behind this is the failure of internal control systems resulting from the failure of organizations in identifying and updating themselves with new sets of risks that they may have been exposed to, vis-à-vis their line of business, in a timely fashion.

We, at SDBA & Co., understand the significance of cyber resilience in effectively mitigating such risks. Cyber resilience by itself is an evolving perspective that is rapidly gaining recognition and we aim at leveraging it in order to protect and advance our clients’ business interests.


  • Data security and Privacy: We realize the value of data and hence prioritise data security and privacy over all else through tools such as access control, privacy by design and building resilient systems. With active backup of all our systems including mobile devices in an encrypted form, we ensure that our access control mechanisms are rigorous and robust.
  • Monitoring and response: We have deployed a centralised log collection and analysis solution (SIEM) to detect any malicious behaviour. We use a combination of cloud computing, endpoint technology and mobile logging to monitor and respond to any cyber threats.
  • Identity and Access Management: As a chartered accountancy firm which needs to periodically enlist the efforts of a temporary workforce, we treat the subject of data access with utmost seriousness. With a strong IDAM procedure and practice in place, we ensure that access to our clients’ data is limited and granted only on a strictly need-to-know basis. We audit our access control logs and rights on a regular basis to ensure security through least privilege.
  • Layered Security Controls: Security at SDBA & Co. is maintained using a set of layered controls. Each layer has its own carefully defined system for prevention, detection and mitigation of risks. We believe in security by design and hence deploy it as a seamless component of any and all services that we provide.