Contracts have always formed a critical part of business, and therefore of commercial litigation. In this era of commercialization, all businesses need and intend to enter into perfect contracts, ones that are clear enough to be easily understood by a person of ordinary prudence and at the same time detailed enough so that they cannot be willfully misinterpreted. Time and resources spent during the careful drafting of contracts/agreements can save corporations and businesses from several legal issues. Our team ensures that clauses incorporated in drafted contracts/agreements are sufficiently rigid to guard against subsequent misinterpretation and still have flexibility to allow other party/parties to incorporate their requirements.

We have a dedicated team of Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants and legal professionals, who regularly advise clients in various corporate, legal and secretarial matters.

With a business-oriented approach and rich experience across different sectors, our team is well equipped in providing seamless advisory and compliance solutions on corporate secretarial matters.

Our service include:

  • Joint venture & Shareholder Agreement
  • Family Settlements: It is very important that revenues are in harmony with blood relations. We believe in and strive towards peace and amicable settlements. Our Services for Family settlements include formation of Trusts, creation of Wills and we can act as arbitrator as well. Our concern for clients goes beyond professional ties.
  • Project Financing: Our project financing practice manages all new investments by best structuring financial projects through cash flows and assets before soliciting seeking out additional sponsorship. In present times, we believe in leveraging project financing c so as to alleviate risks associated with a company‚Äôs finances in a cost effective manner. Our facilities include Corporate Finance, Cost Benefit Analysis, Economic Impact Analysis, Revenue Operations and Benchmarking and many others.
  • Foreign Exchange Management Services: Our business service includes foreign currency payment services, financial risk management, in-house advisory services among others.